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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

And so there it is, the answer is so easy. But if it is so easy then why is it so hard to do. It all starts with a belief. Once a definite belief has been established it is very hard to change it. I'll give you an example of what im talking about. This is purely hypothetical but lets say that we found some type of fossil of a fish or sea creature. We found it only in places around the world where water once was so that is why we assumed it only lived in water. And it went down in history as such, meaning it was taught in school and in all of the history books in the world as a sea creature. And that wasn't all, because many other animals and ideas of how the world once was branched off of this knowledge. Now imagine we find recent discoveries of this same creature in places where there was only dry desert for miles. We can verify by dna and the weathering of the earth's timeline that this in fact had to be the same creature But somehow this creature was actually a mammal on land as well as in the water. It might not seem like a big deal but it is. Now things have to be taught totally different and history has to be rewritten. Now imagine you are the author and have to rewrite and redefine everything you ever believed to be true, for you are the author of the story you call life. So imagine that it is you and you find out something that you have believed in your whole life to be true is in fact the opposite. At this point one of two things can happen, you can accept this new truth that goes against everything you believe in which means you have to change everything about yourself. Or you can pretend you didn't learn the new truth and go back to the way you were. So when this moment of truth comes, you can either be a slave to what you now know deep inside to be a lie or let the truth set you free.

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