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Hypnosis by the World

All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players

Performers and portrayers

Each another's audience outside the gilded cage . . .

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Have you ever really thought of who is making the rules we must abide by in this game we call life. For we are not merely players to be watched but players that must be analyzed on how exactly we play the game. Suppose The goal of this game is to never let us know that there is a game and that we are being played. Suppose the goal is to not let us see what is right in front of us. And how would that be achieved, how could something be invisible when it's clearly right before our very eyes.

First and foremost one must come to a realization, a truth that there even is a game. Most people don't even question it.This is very dangerous because without a question an answer can not exist.

Close your eyes and see if you can read the sound of my voice and I'll tell you a story. The critical factor is the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind. It decides what will get through and what will not. And how does it decide? Whatever is first or is already in the subconscious is what will be and anything that opposes this will not be let through. And who cares, the subconscious does not, it only cares about fulfilling the program. The conscious mind does and knows what it needs to do to be truly aligned but can't get through the critical factor, so nothing changes.

But there are ways to get through the critical factor, and one of them is hypnosis. Hypnosis starts with an induction. The goal of the induction is basically getting past the critical factor in order to get suggestions through to the subconscious mind.. There are many ways to bypass the critical factor through induction and this is one of them. By confusing a person so quickly that the critical factor has to figure out what is going on and puts down its guard down out of distraction. At that point a suggestion can make its way directly to the subconscious.

Something like a pandemic could possibly be a shock and leave one very confused and possibly get through the critical factor to suggest fear into the subconscious mind. And then anything that aligned with that fear being sensible or not would automatically be accepted because it would be in agreement with what is already inside. Or maybe the whole idea of that is way off base and it's nothing at all like that and we are being told the truth about the pandemic and everything that goes with it.

Which brings me back to what was stated in the beginning; without a question an answer cannot exist. We should never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind and be aware of how it can be manipulated.

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