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And so what is this unique Hawaiian cultural technique?  Ho’oponopono means “to make things right”  In this life we have to overcome many obstacles on our path.  Sometimes we are tainted by them and hurt people along the way.  The result could leave us with  negativity and block us from our true essence.  The Ho’oponopono could help us to find that true essence in four steps. Acknowledging the wrongs we have created and truly being sorry is  the first step we should take. Forgiveness is the second step.  We must take responsibility for our part in our wrongs and ask for forgiveness to make them right.  The third step is gratitude, feeling thankful for what we have and thankful for being forgiven.  After that the fourth step is love.  Love for ourselves, the air, the earth, the universe and everything that we feel love for in this existence.


This is all summed up in one simple mantra:


  I am sorry

  Please forgive me


   I love you


Basically whatever you are putting into the universe will inevitably attract other people with this same dilemma into your life.  By solving the problem for yourself and keeping them in mind these mantras could help them as well.


If you would like to learn more about how it works simply click on the book.

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