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Another way to connect to the subconscious is through meditation.  At first, meditating can pose a challenge.  Our minds are so full of ideas and thoughts it has a hard time letting go of the noise and letting in quiet.  But after practice this can be achieved.  That’s when your mind can finally open up space for all of the things that have been suppressed in the past.   Then you can begin to work on fixing these past issues that have been holding you back.

Your brain has two hemispheres, the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere. There is not much communication between them but when they are balanced together through meditation it is called "whole brain synchronization". So

much can be achieved from this such as:  easier learning, better mental health,

as well as creativity and more.


Meditation also changes your brain state.  Some of the brain states are far more beneficial than others at connecting to the subconscious mind. The state we are in when we are working and active, the one you are in now as you read this is beta. Beta is great for these things but not for accessing the subconscious.  The other brain states are far better at connecting.  During meditation, if done correctly you can alter your brain state to access your subconscious mind.

Theta - this brain state takes you directly to your subconscious and is special for deep healing.  and you can be linked to an awesome meditation by clicking here:

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