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SIGILS and the subconscious mind

Sigils can be used for magical power and intent, Sigils allow you to manifest your desires bypassing the critical factor to access the subconscious mind. This allows direct communication to make the desired changes. So sigils are another set of tools that can be used to change your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind sees and understands symbols and sigils can be quite useful because of this. The sigil deliberately joins emotions with ideas to create world events.

And so how do you create a sigil? Start with a statement of intent (eg what do you want to achieve)

So start with a sentence, try to make it seven words or less and make sure that the sentence is in the present as if you already have it. Meaning don't use words like want as if you want something because if you want something then you don't have it. A suggestion for a good sentence to start with and I encourage you to use is, “My sigils work”.

  • Begin by removing the vowels . . . MYSGLSWRK

  • Then remove the duplicate letters , , , MYSGLWRK

After this you use the remaining letters to form a picture, use capitals and make sure that all of the letters are touching.Then put a circle around your sigil. If you are not happy with your sigil you can make more sigils and choose the one that resigns with you. The more that you like your sigil the better the chances it will work. Another point I’d like to add is that don’t worry about doing it wrong as there is pretty much no way to do it wrong.

After you have finished and you are satisfied with the sigil that you have created it is important to charge it. There are different ways to do this and it's simply doing things that raise your energy while focusing on the sigil in your mind. Some examples of this are orgasm, dancing, and meditation.

And there you have it, after this you simply burn it and forget about it and let the magic do its work.

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