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Plant Medicines

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I've been connecting the dots in this game called life for a long time and I finally understand the basic rules and want to teach the ones that are ready to learn how to play.

And so I'm going to add another connection here before I give it a page of its own. For I believe it's one of the best ways to make that conscious/subconscious connection. Let me start by asking if anyone reading this has heard of plant medicines. Psilocybin mushrooms & ayahuasca are a few examples but there are many more. And what are these plants and why are they considered medicines? Good question and I have a great answer. Psychedelic’s slow down activity of what is known as the default mode network which is a group of interconnected regions in the brain. As we get older the communication between the regions in the brain develop pathways which eventually become very limited and so this is “the default mode”. So what is wrong with the default mode? I guess that would depend on how you've played the game, you know of life. A Lot of us suck at this game because no one taught us how to play. So the pathway became narrow and confined to negativity. A road to nowhere, unless of course you find a new path. And that's why psychedelics work. They limit or even close down that pathway, at least for a little while. And with that pathway closed, new pathways can be formed. New connections with better roads to go to new places. Places with positive outcomes where you can actually win at this game. There is a lot more to be said about this connection and I will be adding more soon. I just wanted to plant a seed in your mind of the idea of this medicine. I'm sure that many of you who stayed and read this already know about these medicines and for those who don't, now you do. Another connection in this game we call life.

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