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The Law of Attraction and Hermetics

Hello my friends, my subconscious mind followers, lol. Just wanted to rewind your mind to a time when you were having one of the best daze in your life. It could have been anywhere, any age, just focus on the feeling you had. Feel the chills or tingling or the warmth of it all. As you are part of the essence, picture yourself in the future. Becoming part of a new dream. Begin to focus on the desire you have always wanted. Watch it as if you are watching a movie. A movie filled with the answer to all rhymes and the writer has always been and still is you. Focus on the desire and the emotion and let the universe bring it to you. .

And is that the law of attraction, the secret, the universal law. And if it was that easy the whole world would be happy, but I personally have the feeling that it's not.

I created this site because I am very interested in the subconscious mind and it is intertwined a lot with spiritual concepts that I have also researched. This in itself has made me learn more about these concepts of which to me the proof must be concluded. Im definitely one of those “i know i'm right people '', but only when I know, or at least truly believe that I am. That being said, if I'm putting it on here I want it to be true. And so I've learned a lot in proving my research right. With that being said, going back to the “law of attraction”, Ill just say this, I was hit in the face with another truth: The universal laws are not a hermetic teaching.

The 12 Universal Laws and the Hermetic Principles are two different sets of philosophical concepts that are used to understand the nature of the universe and our place within it.

The 12 Universal Laws are a modern concept that outlines a set of laws that govern the functioning of the universe and everything within it. These laws include the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of correspondence, among others. They are seen as principles that can be applied to our lives to help us understand how the universe works and how we can work with it to achieve our goals and desires.

On the other hand, the Hermetic Principles, also known as the Hermetic teachings, are a set of spiritual beliefs and principles that were developed in ancient Greece and Egypt. These principles are centered around the idea of spiritual development and personal growth, and they include concepts such as the Principle of Mentalism, the Principle of Correspondence, and the Principle of Vibration. They are often seen as a way to understand the nature of reality and how we can use this understanding to transform our lives and achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment

In conclusion, the 12 Universal Laws and the Hermetic Principles share some similarities,but they are different in their focus, origin, and application. The 12 Universal Laws are a more modern concept that focuses on how we can align with the universe to manifest our desires, while the Hermetic Principles are a more ancient set of beliefs that focus on personal growth and spiritual development.

And what does that mean or matter? I've always believed that they were pretty much the same thing. And when something in life does not align with one's beliefs it makes a person have to redefine everything. And so that is where I am at right now.

Many times with religions and spiritual concepts faith is very important. But my core beliefs in the subconscious mind have not changed as it is not a faith but a psychological truth.

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