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Pendulums are devices that can help you tap into your subconscious mind and get answers to yes or no questions. A pendulum consists of a weight attached to a chain or string that can swing freely from a fixed point. When you hold a pendulum and ask a question, it will react to the tiny nerve impulses from your fingers that are influenced by your subconscious mind. The pendulum can swing in different directions, meaning yes, no, or maybe to your question.

The type of crystal or metal that is used as the weight of the pendulum can have an impact on its accuracy and performance. Different crystals and metals have different qualities and energies that can match with your own energy field and improve your intuition. For example, quartz is a common choice for pendulums because it is a strong amplifier and purifier of energy. Lapis lazuli is another good option because it activates the third eye and enhances psychic abilities. You can pick a pendulum that suits you based on your liking, attraction, or intuition.

To use a pendulum effectively, you need to hold it correctly, ask clear and specific questions, and interpret the movements accurately. You also need to be in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind, and trust your intuition. Pendulums can be used for various purposes, such as dowsing, divination, and energy healing. You can use them to get guidance, make decisions, or balance your chakras.

In my experiences using pendulums I have found they have been quite accurate.  As for where the answers are coming from,  I think that it is the crystal itself.  Crystals have been said to be conscious and so that in itself would give them the ability to communicate with the universe.  This would be considered resonance.  With that being said I certainly wouldn’t totally dismiss that it could be one's subconscious mind guiding it.   I believe that we are all connected to the unified field in some way and our subconscious mind could be the bridge.

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