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Thought Forms

Thought Forms:

Definition;  Thought forms are believed to be energetic manifestations created by the power of human thought and emotion. They are considered to be non physical entities or patterns of energy that can influence a person’s mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Creaton; According to certain metaphysical and esoteric beliefs, intensive or repeated thoughts and emotions can give rise to these thought forms. They are said to exist on a subtle energetic level.;’

Subconscious Mind:

Definition:  The subconscious mind is a ;part of the mind that operates below the level of conscious awareness.  It is responsible for storing memories, emotions, habits, and beliefs.  Many processes, including automatic behaviors and reactions, are controlled by the subconscious.  The subconscious mind is considered powerful in shaping behavior  It is where deep seated beliefs and emotions reside, often influencing conscious thoughts and actions. Techniques like hypnosis and meditation are sometimes used to access and influence the subconscious 

What is the connection between Thought Forms and the Subconscious Mind?

Some belief systems suggest that the thoughts and emotions held in the subconscious mind can contribute to the creation of thought forms.  Negative thought patterns or unresolved emotions may give rise to corresponding energetic forms that influence a person’s mental and emotional state.

And so then what do we do with this information?  Well it sounds to me like the more time we spend on negativity the easier negative thought forms will be created.  And so logically just stop being negative.  But that is so much easier said than done.  And how can we get past the complications of life and the problems that appear. The answer to that is actually simple.   Start by being conscious of thoughts;.  Thoughts are the beginning of everything.  If we think of something but do not give it a charge it will not have the energy to form and will simply fade away.  But if the thought remains and an emotion is let in to accompany it it becomes something more.  It makes a connection in our brain and eventually can form a habit.  And what is a habit?  It is the repetition of a pattern done over and over again.  At a certain point our brain doesn’t even have to think about it as our body already knows what it is and will do it.  I believe that at this stage or even before is when thought forms are created.  That's why we might try to be happy but can't find the way.   We might try hard to overcome the pitfalls that seem to happen over and over in life and can’t.  The connections that were formed and tied to the emotions that were initially created have now become an addiction.  Even when we might not like the emotion it is familiar and normal now.

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