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And where in the world does the planet earth go from here? I have a question, Do you think that the earth is conscious? I would like to believe that it is. If you look at how long it has been here and how many times and ways it could be swept out of existence. Asteroids, comets, black holes and the sun dying are just a few of those ways, but the one I would like to focus on is humanity. We have been depleting the earth of its nutrients such as oil, (blood) nature (nourishment) and ozone (breath) for a very long time. We have a horrible way of showing gratitude. I am by no means saying that I am exempt from these actions. In fact every person alive today is guilty of using the earth's resources to live. We could all do more to save our planet. But there is another contributor towards this that most people are not a part of and that is nuclear. And when i say nuclear i don't mean it is all together bad as it is a great resource for power. By power I mean energy not the power it has to destroy the earth. For humanity has figured out how to do this. .There are a few that have the power to use this in a very horrible way and do not care about life. The life of humanity or the planet. And why the hell am I talking about this on a site about the subconscious mind? Because I believe that the planet, earth, is conscious. And it must know some sort of way that humanity, the tiny microorganisms from its point of view, is destroying it and some of them are even willing to blow it up and out of existence. I stated at the beginning of this rant there are a lot of ways this could happen and if the earth is conscious it will not let humanities stupidity be one of them.

As far as humanity, the collective consciousness is what I believe will truly prevail. And so without taking sides of which side is right and which side is wrong just try to stay focused on your own path. Most people know the difference between right and wrong so just try to do the right thing. Try not to get clouded by distractions on your path and we can all meet in the collective consciousness to save humanity and show the planet we are thankful for its generosity.

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The Circum Point / Circum Punctum symbolizes Consciousness


The subconscious mind operates and understands symbolic language. Your brain naturally picks up and decodes subconscious symbols whether you are aware of it or not. Everything we use in this world is done through symbols so it is important that we are aware of the power that these symbols hold.

Since ancient times symbols are deep inside of our cellular and collective conscious memories. The collective is the part of the subconscious mind that is part of an ancestral memory and is common to all humans.

The collective consciousness has cosmic intelligence and this is stored in our dna. This is how we connect to the field and can access this intelligence through our subconscious mind. Symbols represent the intuitive wisdom that resides deep within the unconscious and brings it to your attention. Esoteric symbolism can be used to discover your True Self and cultivate peace in your inner world

Sacred symbols are imprinted in our subconscious but they are not known to our conscious mind. They are hidden, but through meditation and concentration they can be activated to unlock the doors they hide behind in our mind.

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Have you ever tried to change something using your “willpower” ? Say that you have a very bad habit such as a drug addiction, or any type of addiction for that matter. You decide that this habit is causing to many problems and it's time to change. How hard can it be, you think to yourself as you put your plan in motion. And so you set out and it's fine the first day, second day, who knows maybe even a week or longer. But then somewhere down the road led only by your willpower you find yourself indulging in the same destructive pattern again. You can ’t seem to figure out how it even happened since you were so set on stopping. You feel weak as if you have failed and worse than you did before you even tried to quit. Now before you totally discredit yourself I will tell you why it didn’t work. It is because the addiction, whatever it is, started out as something you enjoyed doing. The more you did it resulted in forming a habit. Once something is repeated over and over and finds its way to your subconscious mind it cannot be overcome simply using willpower. You can consciously tell yourself you will stop but unfortunately this “habit” has made it through the critical factor and is now in your subconscious mind. Once this happens there is no amount of willpower that can affect it.

You may then think to yourself, this can't be true as you have witnessed other people quitting using “willpower” and it worked for them. Even though that may be the way it appears it is simply not true. These people might seem to have an addiction as well but their habit has never made it though into their subconscious and so that is why they can stop. Eventually it may happen as well to them at a certain point but at this time it has not. So you see they are not using willpower. There have been a lot of studies regarding willpower to back this up and after researching the concept I truly believe there is no such thing as true “willpower”.

It may sound hopeless and if this is all new to you I would just like to let you know there are ways around it. So if this is your first visit I encourage you to explore my site as it is filled with different paths to take to change your subconscious mind if needed.

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