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This post goes out mostly to anyone that is pregnant, thinking of having a child or has a child or children under the age of 7. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very vital information to anyone who is reading this.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

Now what exactly did he mean by that? I spoke about this on “The Home" page but would like to go more in depth now. You have probably heard that a child learns and is affected by who they are around and the environment they are in the first few years of their life. What does that mean exactly? Imagine a new born baby, so innocent and taken in by life. Everything the baby sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches is a brand new mystical experience. Welcome to the world, but the world is only occupied by the baby's immediate surroundings. In a storybook version this baby is nurtured and taken care of by the closest people to it, which is usually the babies mother and father. And the baby looks to them for everything it needs. But as we all know this is far from a perfect world and bringing a child into it is not easy. Sometimes things just don't go the way they were planned, but life was not meant to be easy. But it was not meant to be harder than it has to be either. Babies are in the lower brain states and the critical factor has not even been established yet. So the subconscious mind takes everything in, the good the bad and the nowhere in between. The subconscious does not judge or even really know what is good or bad. As it is being formed it is learning the difference, difference in that good is one way, and bad is pretty much the opposite. All this is being established by the environment and the people around the baby. If the baby is cared for and loved then life will come a lot easier and positivity will help to make the world a better place. But if the baby is neglected and raised around anger it will be harder and negativity will always make things harder then they could be.

A newborn baby is born with all the brain cells it will need in this lifetime. And these brain cells will make connections which are necessary for movement,communication and pretty much everything done in life. The brain is growing very quickly at this stage and the connections made are so so important, even crucial.

So if you have or you are going to have a baby just remember that whatever the baby sees and learns in those 1st 7 years are the blueprints that will guide him or her for the rest of their lives.

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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I've been connecting the dots in this game called life for a long time and I finally understand the basic rules and want to teach the ones that are ready to learn how to play.

And so I'm going to add another connection here before I give it a page of its own. For I believe it's one of the best ways to make that conscious/subconscious connection. Let me start by asking if anyone reading this has heard of plant medicines. Psilocybin mushrooms & ayahuasca are a few examples but there are many more. And what are these plants and why are they considered medicines? Good question and I have a great answer. Psychedelic’s slow down activity of what is known as the default mode network which is a group of interconnected regions in the brain. As we get older the communication between the regions in the brain develop pathways which eventually become very limited and so this is “the default mode”. So what is wrong with the default mode? I guess that would depend on how you've played the game, you know of life. A Lot of us suck at this game because no one taught us how to play. So the pathway became narrow and confined to negativity. A road to nowhere, unless of course you find a new path. And that's why psychedelics work. They limit or even close down that pathway, at least for a little while. And with that pathway closed, new pathways can be formed. New connections with better roads to go to new places. Places with positive outcomes where you can actually win at this game. There is a lot more to be said about this connection and I will be adding more soon. I just wanted to plant a seed in your mind of the idea of this medicine. I'm sure that many of you who stayed and read this already know about these medicines and for those who don't, now you do. Another connection in this game we call life.

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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

And so there it is, the answer is so easy. But if it is so easy then why is it so hard to do. It all starts with a belief. Once a definite belief has been established it is very hard to change it. I'll give you an example of what im talking about. This is purely hypothetical but lets say that we found some type of fossil of a fish or sea creature. We found it only in places around the world where water once was so that is why we assumed it only lived in water. And it went down in history as such, meaning it was taught in school and in all of the history books in the world as a sea creature. And that wasn't all, because many other animals and ideas of how the world once was branched off of this knowledge. Now imagine we find recent discoveries of this same creature in places where there was only dry desert for miles. We can verify by dna and the weathering of the earth's timeline that this in fact had to be the same creature But somehow this creature was actually a mammal on land as well as in the water. It might not seem like a big deal but it is. Now things have to be taught totally different and history has to be rewritten. Now imagine you are the author and have to rewrite and redefine everything you ever believed to be true, for you are the author of the story you call life. So imagine that it is you and you find out something that you have believed in your whole life to be true is in fact the opposite. At this point one of two things can happen, you can accept this new truth that goes against everything you believe in which means you have to change everything about yourself. Or you can pretend you didn't learn the new truth and go back to the way you were. So when this moment of truth comes, you can either be a slave to what you now know deep inside to be a lie or let the truth set you free.

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